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SheWee Extreme


For Women! – Enjoy Walking the Storm knowing that if you are ‘caught short’ there is an elegant solution – Shewee is a neat device that allows you to relieve yourself without removing clothes whilst standing or sitting. The Extreme comes with a carry case and an extension tube. Pee on the go!

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The Original female urine device, the Shewee has had a revamp! With the Shewee Extreme, not only do you get the bestselling Shewee unit, but also an extension pipe and carry case for storage. The extension pipe will direct your flow away from your feet, and is particularly useful if you're wearing bulky clothing. Once you have relieved yourself, simply pack away in your handy case.

The Shewee allows you to urinate whilst standing, and without removing your clothing. Use your Shewee for:

- Camping
- Long car journeys
- Travelling
- Festivals
- Cycling
- Climbing
- Skiing
- Dirty toilets
- Post surgery
- Pregnancy
- the list is endless!

The Shewee Extreme is lightweight, discreet, and NATO approved, take your Shewee everywhere! It's reusable, and can easily be cleaned with mild soap and water, but don't worry about cleaning it on the go, simply shake off the excess liquid, as the Shewee repels water. It is made from Polypropylene which is recyclable.
Don't let toilet dilemmas hold you back, get yourself a Shewee.

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