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Ilse Jacobsen Rubber Boot de-odourising Charcoal Bags


Fresh boots and shoes! A pair of charcoal-filled bags to remove odour and dampness from your rubber boots and shoes – works overnight to give sweet smelling footwear every day!

And we also have the Ilse Jacobsen Boot Sponge and the Ilse Jacobsen Emulsion Oil to keep your boots looking new and in great condition!



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Charcoal Rubber Boot and Shoe Bags

Fresh boots and shoes – yes please!

Fantastic show bags for those who experience odour and moisture in their boots and shoes. Hard working footwear can quickly accumulate odour and moisture but these show bags refresh them due to the activated charcoal inside, which absorbs moisture and odour.

Each pack contains two bags of activated charcoal, suitable for a pair of boots or shoes, wrapped in a hardwearing bag made from cotton.  These show bags have been tested with great satisfaction in a range of tough conditions including with athletes and factory workers.

Green Bamboo

By buying these boot bags, you will be supporting the ‘Green Bamboo’ project which helps to create jobs for farmers in Vietnam. The farmers were taught how to burn leftovers from Bamboo harvests and produce activated charcoal that goes straight into these shoe bags!

User Guide

After using your boots or shoes, put one bag in each, leave overnight and notice the effect the next day. To maintain the effect of the charcoal bags, leave them in direct sunlight, or on a hot radiator, for the moisture to evaporate off, every two months. The bags can be used for up to two years. Do not wash the bags.

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