If in Doubt, Wear Red – it’s the Ultimate Cure for Sadness!

Carolyn, Walk the Storm

08 February 2018

Ilse Jacobsen Raincoats

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On A Girly Day Out

I saw the impact of colour on my mum, 79 years young and in remission. When she wore her Ilse Jacobsen raincoat in deep red, I saw her heartfelt appreciation and happiness in being acknowledged wearing red. She was animated, confident and so happy! She was absolutely shining, testament to our belief that colour can change the world. So put on your red coat and dance the blues away!

We are never to old to feel the protection of our ‘boys in blue’.

I see the red coat, a touch of blue and camel, the rest are dark.

Grey, like the wet pavements.

Doubt is a worm in a big, crispy red apple


When I go out, it never ceases to amaze me how the coats I see people wearing appear like a sea of darkness all around. The normal is not to stand out. Young children love to celebrate in colour, they feel free to me. Then from teenagers, its about not standing out too much – its about blending in and not being noticed, which I feel carries on through adulthood with that chic little black number; classy, sophisticated, to be noticed yet still playing it safe. As we become older, we become less concerned with what others think, we become bigger within ourselves, more in tune with ourselves and what we want. Our passions, liveliness and desires emerge and we are completely free, expressing ourselves in colour, definitely dancing the blues away!

My mum is modelling the Ilse Jacobsen True Rain Raincoat in deep red.

I’m wearing one of our best sellers, the Ilse Jacobsen True Rain Raincoat in Dark Indigo / Milk Creme, slightly different with the creme – creme and ivory are sophisticated colours that allow calm, so this coat still evokes some attention – I like that! We all need positive attention.

My feet are, as always, comfortable and being taken care of by my Ilse Jacobsen Short Heeled Rubber Boots.


Even Bentley finds my lovely red Rains Shift Bag irresistible! Just because we can!