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Red isn’t just for Valentines Day

Carolyn, Walk the Storm

01 February 2018

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Red attracts attention more than any other colour; it’s highly visible; it’s associated with energy, danger, strength, power and determination as well as passion, love and eroticism.

Red is very emotionally intense – it enhances the human metabolism, increases respiration and raises blood pressure.

Red is the colour of the Root or Base Chakra, symbolizing safety, survival, grounding and nourishment from Earth energy.

Light Red represents joy, sexuality, passion, sensitivity and love.

Pink signifies romance, love and friendship.

Dark red is associated with vigour, will power, courage and leadership.

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue,
Who can change the world with colour? YOU!

Celebrate Red

Lets be creative and do something exciting this Valentine’s – put on your red coat and boots, get animated, feel confident and shine!

Why not a picnic in the house and play like being teenagers on a first date!

Melt some chocolate and cover nuts, strawberries and raspberries (my absolute favourite!) on some greaseproof paper and let set for later.

Make a mess, put chocolate on your face & fingers – experiment and have some fun!

Wrap up and get outside and play! By setting up a teenage date, it may feel easier to access the young in us. Jump, chase, giggle and laugh – it will be releasing any tension – as long as you’re warm and dry, you can have fun!

Lets get back inside to a picnic in the lounge with a…

Strawberry chorizo feta salad

Roasted red stuffed pepper with diced cubed potatoes and vine sweet tomatoes, roasted beetroot mushrooms and Chancery baby carrots.


A Goodnight Kiss

1 sugar cube
1 dash of angostura bitters
1 part Campari
4 parts champagne

or a nice glass of red wine.

Continue the evening dancing like seventeen-year olds and return to those delicious chocolate covered goodies – close your eyes, activate your senses and just enjoy!

This blog features Bentley, our lovely new puppy investigating Ilse Jacobsen’s Rub1 in Deep Red and have no fear – if there is any chewing we have laces too! Carolyn is modeling the Rain02 in Deep Red.

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